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The elegance, simplicity adorns ... this unique bracelet is composed of stainless steel discs of 4 mm diam.

A unique high quality bracelet, simple yet stylish of its kind.

Let him be your lasting friend and follow in all your adventures. Lifetime warranty.

This bracelet is made of stainless steel 316, which is also used in surgery. This makes it resistant to sweat and saltwater.

Available in different sizes depending on your wrist size.


  • This bracelet has been put together with the utmost care. It consists of stainless steel 316 material and is resistant to sweat and saltwater.

    There is a lifetime warranty against breakage for this product under normal use.

    weight: +- 8 grams

  • Bought a size too big or too small? Then send the package back in the original packaging and in impeccable condition.


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